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I personally don't see it as a 'gateway drug' but rather the first drug that was available to them other than booze. If crack or coke was cheap and as readily available as weed is that would be their 'gateway drug'. Those people are looking to escape life which is a mental health issue. This country seriously needs to address mental health in a more serious manner. Our country is seriously broken. Our government has flip flopped its intended power. County government should be the most powerful form of government where the issues can be more directly addressed and you could look your elected official in the eye on a more consistent basis. Those in need of true help could be identified, as could those bilking he system to sit around and be lazy phucks living off your hard work.
Marijuana use usually starts in the teens. It is seen as cool and socially acceptable by many young crowds. And not a serious drug. It's is seen as all fun to them. But even teens know that crack and meth are serious drugs that can be dangerous. As I said before most serious drug users will tell you that for them it all started with marijuana use. It led them to their drug of choice or the drug that brought them to their knees. And not sure if you know this but crack and meth can come rather cheaply now. $20.00 worth of crack or meth can get one lit up pretty good. Marijuana on the other hand is rather expensive now. How much good weed can one get for $20.00?