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No thanks. There are plenty of other DBs who really want an NFL career. Don't need to roll the dice on this guy.

BTW, the weed may not be an issue for you guys sitting in your living room lighting up but it is for the Steelers and the NFL. How quickly you forget Stupidio Holmes.
You mean the guy who was MVP and helped us win a championship? The guy who pretty much willed the Jetd into the playoffs a few years ago? That guy?

IMO getting caught smoking weed once in college isnt a big deal to me... getting caught multiple times and getting kicked off a team is. Do you really think weed made Holmes into the selfish guy that he is? No... plenty of WRs and NFL players are idiots or difficult to deal with once they get money or want a big contract.

I remember a NFL player saying something like 60% of the NFL smokes in the offseason. I made that number up but you guys need to stop acting like its crack or uncommon.

The problem with this kid is he did it over and over to the point he was kicked off a SEC team.. that is rare.