His upside is huge. So he smoked weed. Big deal. I think the kid ain't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he just makes plays. And I believe him when he says last Oct. is the last time he hit weed. If he is still there in the later rounds, I say take him. But after the Ben/Holmes chain of events, I think Pgh is still smarting from those and are unlikely to take a risk on any known weed smokers, although they did take Adams, so who knows. But that being said, Adams drove to Pgh to plead his case, personally, so that probably made the difference. Deion thinks the Badger will be gone by the 3rd round. Man, it would be awesome seeing the Honey Badger in Pgh's backfield, making splash plays. I believe he would add a great deal to our aging D. We could use a play maker back there, in a huge way.