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Yes, it makes a lot of sense, I have TE in the second round but wouldn't be opposed to making TE my first pick. Not only that a top TE could start immediately and help our offense which certainly needs it.
It comes down to who the BPA will be when we pick regardless of position IMHO, but it would be sweet to not only get a impact player but one that could help our team the first year.

I like Eifert in the second but will he last that long? If not, maybe the Steelers will consider who knows. Not sure but I think the Vikings drafted Kyle Rudolph who helped their team right away, he also played at Notre Dame if I'm not mistaken.

I would be tempted but keep him as a second round pick, I don't see a TE that is dominate in both Blocking and catching the ball, Eifert is a great pass catcher but needs work on the blocking.
Heath could do it all, thats why they drafted him even though he had an injury to overcome at the time.
I think there is a 30-40% chance we take a TE in Round 1 if Eifert is still available. If we trade down a few picks it goes up even more.