As we know there are several positions that we need help in, but looking back at last season two things stand out above everything else IMHO is pressuring the QB, and our rushing game.
I still doubt we would select a back in the first but feel strongly we might select a position that will help us in pressuring the QB.

If the team and Harrison can't come up with some deal to keep him here, OLB may come to the forefront in the draft but we don't want to reach either because of need. The other thing is our sack totals have declined the last two years and it's tough to create turnovers when you can't get to the QB.

At this point I favor the BPA, as we seen, drafting Hood & Heyward might of been a reach at the time where better players were there at other positions. I think we have an excellent chance of getting an impact player on either side of the ball, it's been awhile since we picked this early hope they get it right.