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Thread: Would Ben Take one on the Chin for the Team Like brady did?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigRob View Post
    Wow, he was so altruistic. He didn't take less money. They just structured it smartly.

    he got more guaranteed money then the old contract called for. He can get hurt this year, never play again and still have his 30 million in bonuses

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    Polian was on PTI and said it worked out great for both sides and Brady didn't really take one for the team.

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    by Mark Madden
    Tuesday, February 26, 2013

    Tom Brady got a contract extension: Three years, $27m. Less than half his market value. The deal opens up $15m in cap space for New England.

    Let the chorus commence: WHEN IS YOUR BUDDY BEN GONNA TAKE LESS MONEY?

    I'm not sure Brady is taking "less money." Over the next five years, Brady's guaranteed figure leaps to $57m. His agreement includes a $30m signing bonus. Not bad for a 35-year-old QB who may or may not be past his prime. Tom and Gisele won't be waiting on line at the soup kitchen anytime soon.

    Don't be surprised if "my buddy Ben" Roethlisberger inks an extension in the next few weeks, one that clears $7m in cap space for the Steelers.

    When Roethlisberger does that, will he be hailed as a hero locally?

    Probably not.

    If the Steelers want cap relief, just cut the guys who can't play anymore. Casey Hampton. James Harrison. Ditching Harrison would save the Steelers $5.1m in cap space, AND IT WOULD BE THE RIGHT MOVE. Harrison's shot.

    But, instead, the Steelers will let their deep threat walk. Let several experienced offensive linemen walk. Let the journeyman offensive coordinator dink and dunk. Ask the star QB to restructure his deal.

    I'm surprised "my buddy Ben" doesn't put a gun in his mouth. Brady helps the Patriots knowing the organization will help him. What does Ben get in return?



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