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I don't need an education on catfishing and GM's shouldn't either. I don't want a player in our locker room who needs to be defended or given the benefit of the doubt because a guy was in love with him and knew how to change his voice to a female. This guy was phone boning for hours with a dude... A DUDE.

Everyone else who fell for the Lennay hoax figured it out in a month... this guy ran on TV acting like she was his soul mate and he never met her. That's odd... creepy and a little sad.

However, you fail to see the bigger picture... why entertain this pick at 17, with this weird story, average combine times, no senior bow and Lacy tossing him aside like a rag doll when you can get the same thing in the 2nd or 3rd round without the circus?
So you just ignore the fact that there was an actual woman on the phone with him? You have a major problem with T'eo to the point you wont even listen to facts and that makes one wonder...hmmmm?