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This is an amazingly accurate & valid observation. Cuts right to the heart of what people are worried about concerning Te'o.

It's not that he can't play. But right now, it's like all the cracks are being exposed.
I look at it differently. I see a possible cause and affect here. I see something that happened to him that hurt him deeply and then embarrassed him. I see that this may have caused him to under-perform. He is human after-all. No player that I know of has ever had to do with what he had to deal with. Yesterdays press conference had the largest media contingent in the history of the combine.

Charles Davis of the NFL Network said yesterday that even though T'eo wont admit to it, the story affected his play in the Championship game. After-all it has been reported that the fake girlfriend threatened to show up at the team hotel the day of the game.