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Go look up what Patrick Willis did the past two seasons (stats). Very average. and he is now no longer a 3 down LB.

And then tell us how you get 15 and 13.5 tackles for loss as an ILB if you play slow on the football field. The 40 times for this position is really not as important as quickness and anticipation. Both T'eo and Minter are very quick on the football field.
I'm talking about when he came out. And I'm not doubting their oustanding production. But I will tell you that there are loads of guys who were awesome producers at the college level... it doesn't make them worthy of a first-round pick. I'll bet you Larry Foote (Big Ten DPOY) had similar stats, along with a comparable 40 time. Foote was had in the 5th round pick (or whatever it was).