I dont care what anyone has to say. I don't care about any issue with T'eo being duped by a fake girlfriend and that he wasn't honest about it. I dont care about a bad performance in the championship game. I dont care that he and Minter ran 4.80 40's. I would still take them at 17 and never look back.

I have seen enough of both of these guys to know they are solid football players. Guys that I believe will be even better in the NFL. If you look at Minter's 15 tackles for loss this past year and T'eo's 13.5 two years ago when he played at 255 it tells me that they both play fast on the football field. Think about it. They are coming from 5-7 yards off the line of scrimmage and racking up those numbers in the opponents back field? I believe these two would excel in Le Beau's 3-4 next to Timmons.

Put me down for DeAndre Hopkins (4.57), and Terrance Williams (4.52), as well. Both didn't run great 40's but both played great on the field.