Well that seemed to work, might as well try and finish it.

"[COLOR=#373737][FONT=Droid Sans]The first component is the Dynamic Speed Average, or DSA. This measurement determines the complete speed of a prospect by averaging the times between their 40-yard dash (straight-line speed), three-cone drill (change-of-direction ability) and short shuttle (lateral speed/stop-and-go). This number is a more complete representation of a player's actual football speed than any one drill in a vacuum."

Okay, still simple enough except for all the fancy labeling. Between the KEI and the attempt to determine actual football speed that should be more than enough to get a very valid measure of a players athletic ability.

But then, he had to go to a step 3. Now the gobbledegooky crap came in. He has some method of including the weights, height etc. It definitely changed some results. And IMO was not necessay since most players in each grouping are similar in size. Although, it did make sense in the WR grouping since these players range from 5-8 168 pds to 64-5etc but even then you could simple regroups them according to size for evaluating purposes.