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    Quote Originally Posted by Slapstick View Post
    There is also a reason why guys like James Harrison and Willie Parker went undrafted...again, not concerned so much with the past, but with the future...

    Yes I did watch the game, which is why I specifically referenced it. No, it is not the "argument killer", it is merely an example...when I watched the game, I was actually amazed at how well Brown got off the line with NA right in his face...that's why I brought it, whether or not he caught the ball on a given play is different...I was speaking merely in terms of how well he got off the LoS in that particular game...

    More later...I have to go back to work...
    You went from posting combine numbers of AB to mentioning UDFA players? Come on Slap. I rarely saw the Eagles press or have a chance to press. You can even watch the highlights and see. Better feel would be the Browns game when Wallace wasn't there. Brown caught 2 balls that game on Haden and his TD was a great play by him when BB scarmbled towards the LOS and Haden lost him.

    You say you are not concerned with the past but the future. Not sure what you mean there. You talked about Brown's combine and how those numbers make him an X. Brown logged three years here (past) not as the #1. Wouldn't you have to consider the past and where he played with Wallace if you want to project him in a new spot replacing Wallace? Brown is a hell of a football player...But he won't bring what Wallace did to the field. There isn't a guy on the roster who could do that. Brown will have to prove he can be the man before I crown him anything.
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    James, Smith, LVE, Landry, Evans Gone:

    1.Rudolph QB or Gesicki TE/Reid S
    2.Bates S/Hubbard OLB
    3.Nwosu OLB/Avery ILB
    5.Kalen Ballage RB
    5.Sam ILB/Lazard WR
    7.Franklin-Myers DE
    7.Lotulelei DT


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