I was wondering what people here were thinking after seeing what the WRs did at the combine Sunday. Did anything there change your opinion on who we should target to replace Wallace? One of the writers at NFL.com suggested the Steelers ought to get Tavon Austin if Wallace leaves. Is he a first-rounder? Marquise Goodwin's comparison to a current player is listed as Mike Wallace and I would think he is more of a day-2 guy, (Rnd 3 like Wallace?). I'd think the Raiders wouldn't pass on him 3 times though if he is still there.

I liked the numbers Ryan Swope posted. Seems like he could be a Jordy Nelson type. I'd hate to see the Patsies get him.

I could live with a Cordarelle Patterson at #17. Someone said he is close to a Julio Jones type with freakish athletic ability.