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Thread: Star Lotulelei has a heart condition. Has to leave combine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillyesq View Post
    I'll certainly defer to you on this, but my (very limited) understanding is that decreased LV function is pretty significant, especially at those levels, right?
    That's correct. I couldn't tell from the article though if they were saying his ejection fraction was 44% or if it was 44% from the norm. That makes a difference because an EF of 44% is not a bad EF. I suspect they are worried that he has a hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. That is the heart condition where the heart is so big it no longer pumps effectively. That is also the heart condition that has a propensity to cause cardiac arrythmias (funky heart beats) which can lead to sudden death.

    So, to answer the questions about draftability...I think at this point its an all or nothing kind of thing...he will or wont be cleared. If he is cleared it's likely due to the fact that his heart is healthy and it shouldnt effect his draft stock. If he isn't, he likely wont play a game in the NFL even with medical intervention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by D Rock View Post
    would you still draft him at 17, doc?
    If he is cleared medically, in a heart beat.


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