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Thread: LSU's Sam Montgomery

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    LSU's Sam Montgomery

    Admitted in his combine interview to taking full games vs lesser opponents off. Crazy,

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    I'd take Minter on Montgomery any day.

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    You gotta admit he sure knows how to get himself in the limelight. Did you see that story about him and his teammate Mingo betting quite a bunch of moolah on who was going to get drafted first? Quite a bit of press on that one.

    I don't see enough college ball to have a valid opinion on most of the players, but I have been wondering why Sam Montgomery has not been mentioned much as a Steeler prospect. It is probably not because he is not considered a super athlete I suppose, but maybe no one thinks he fits in here.

    Why does everyone think that? So many other DE's are being considered as possible OLB's. I bet LeBeau could find some way of using Sam Montgomery.

    Curious to see how he does at the combines. DE's are scheduled for Monday.

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    There was a picture from his college strength coach that said don't ask him about lazy not working out players. Montgomery was on the list. Now I think some college players can get away with not working out that hard and succeed. But once you hit the big time that is not going to fly and that player has to now learn how to workout right. The foundation is not there. Could be one of Woodley's workout problem. Let's see if he does well at the combine. It might show if he put in the work for it. Any character concerns should be 2nd round and later kind of guys.

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    Montgomery probably lost his bet with Mingo today. They bet 5,000 bucks on who would be drafted first.

    Montgomery had a very bad day at the combines. Frankly, I'm stunned. I expected him to blow away all those ultra hyped up dudes today and the exact opposite happened. Really puzzling. He ran better a year ago. He was at or near the bottom in almost every drill. Plenty of sites have all the results. One I looked at was called footballsfuture.


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