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Oh they can turn it into an all-year event. I got lots of channels to choose from. The only thing I find just a little bit meaningful is the 40 times of the RBs, WR, CBs, etc. And even that is not always meaningful, but it can be. Often times the guy with the best 40 time still stinks. Other times, it is relevant, such as when Chris Johnson ran a 4.24. That ended up being significant since he was a legit football player in addition to being insanely fast. But if football came down only to pure speed, we'd have the world champion sprinters on every roster. I think teams tend to put too much weight on the combine results. I like the Jimmy Johnson school of thought: base most everything on their production on the football field - everything else is peripheral. That's why he stole players such as Zach Thomas, who was sad to be too short and slow to be a good player, but some how, that stuff was not as meaningful as his production was. He was right.
We drafted Larry Foote and his measurables are nowhere near the chart. But he was a great college player.

I think these tests would be more meaningful if they were in full pads and if the player had to react to something unexpected. I'd like to see the combine measure speed of guys like Troy or Timmons. With Troy, I've never seen a guy in pads cover so much ground so quickly and his combine numbers don't reflect his other world game speed.

And Timmons might be the one guy faster than Troy over 10 yards because we've gotten to see him burst by Troy in shorter distances.

Both of these guys had good combine numbers. But based on the way they play on the field, they should have had significantly better numbers than almost anyone.