1. Why would we watch it? I mean, I got it on in the background and glance at it once is a while, but what is to be gained from watching this thing? Other than the 40 times for RBs, CB, WRs, S, LB, what is to be gleaned from watching this?

2. Why do they bother making O linemen run the 40? What does it prove, to any extent? Not a thing in my mind. Chance Warmack is obviously the best OG in the whole thing and his 40 time sucked, but proves NOTHING. He will still be the first OG taken, so what is the sense in bothering to run it? Maybe have them run a 10 yarder, or some kind of shuttle run. But the 40 is meaningless for those guys.

3. Watching this does make me feel I hope Pgh drops down and picks up some extra picks. We are at a point where we have to begin to really replace a lot of starters in the next 2 years or we will be a bad team. Not only do we have to find replacements for Hampton, Fumble-hall, Wall@SS this year, we also have to look at replacing Troy, Harrison, Foote, Miller, Clark, Ike in the near future. That is a boat load of starters to replace. We need to really hit on this draft, big time. We can't afford bone head picks. Do you hear me, Colbert and Rooney?