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I agree with you about this years draft and the depth there is, but I do not agree about the Steelers having more holes this year and in need of 10 picks. This team to me has only a couple of holes. They are still on the verge of being great. They were 6-3 and and had just beat the defending Super Bowl Champions rather easily in their house and then the Steelers star QB was injured. I agree with LeBeau in that this team had a chance to make a championship run this past year. If Ben stays healthy Steeler fans are not so gloom and doom right now.

Tweak a few things on this team and it makes a run this year. Depth is over-rated. 10 picks are not going to make this roster. What this team needs is 3-4 solid to great picks.

11 starters from last year are 30 or older. That is significant. We may have got over when everyone said Pgh was too old in 2010 (where we won the AFC and could have won the SB if FUMBLE-Hall can hold onto the Mo F ball), but it is now 3 years later, and the assertion that the Steelers are old is true now. Part of being old means you lose players to injuries, and boy, did we lose players to injury. SF, conversely, stayed mostly healthy all year. Balt. is older as well, but had the good fortune to get their main players healthy by the play offs. But more often than not, when you are old, you have too many injuries.

Look at all the injury risks we have with our starters at this point.

1. Do I even need to mention Troy? Hasn't been healthy in 4 years. Was a shell during the 2010 Super Bowl and has rarely been near 90% since.

2. Heath - who knows how and when he will come back from ACL tear. Trouble.

3. Clark - had great year, but at 34, playing in the backfield, his days are very numbered.

4. Harrison. Will be 35, and coming off back, shoulder and knee injuries. Not a good thing.

5. Foote - Who knows if he will even be back this season.

6. Ben - playing style and crap O-line might make his body break down early, like now.

7. Ike - could still play last year, but only has a few years left.

8. Keisel - Long in the tooth. 1 year left at most.

Not only do all these players look to be done soon, but most of them have no apparent suitable replacement on the roster. There are tons of spots that need replaced soon. They have to absolutely kill this draft.