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Hines Ward was my favorite Steeler, but he is not the most insightful guy around (as anyone who watches his little commentaries with Bob Costas on SNF can attest). Nor is he particularly shy of making remarks that would serve HIM well (i.e. since he left, leadership waned). I'm not saying it's totally untrue, but don't go thinking that he doesn't have alterior (self-centered) reasons for his opinion.
I disagree on two fronts: He is insightful and he was one HELL of a leader. Without Hines, and his push of the team to win a SB for Bettis, I don't think we even win that ring. Let's make no mistake: His criticisms of Ben are on the money. Ben is no leader. The team sees his actions, and his sideline words are for the cameras and they all know it.