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Getting younger won't guarantee the team will be better, what makes a team better is the talent they have producing on the field.
We haven't seen that from several young players this season, don't need to mention names we know who they are.
When an older player can't perform his duties then I agree, the team has to make changes, however it still comes back to performance not age.
Of course: Getting younger is no guarantee of getting better, but at some point, it's your only option. Had they wasted a few more years keeping your Gildongs, Kirklands, Chad Scotts, Steeds, Thigpens, etc. they time needed to get a team back to contention would have taken longer. Since the Cowher era, they are 16-5 in winning seasons vs. non winning seasons. They have done an incredible job of not allowing many down seasons for more than 1 season in a row, having only had 2 non winning seasons in a row in all that time.


Only the Brady/Belichick Pats can boast of a run like that, and they haven't done it as long and with only 1 QB; let's see how consistent they are when they lose Brady. The question is: Is last year our 1 down year, or will we have 2 down years for the first time since 1998-1989 seasons?