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Thread: Lets Narrow it Down To Position To Get an Idea Who We Draft in Round One

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    Lets Narrow it Down To Position To Get an Idea Who We Draft in Round One

    Forget the players name, which position will we make our selection in round one of the 2013 NFL draft?

    1. NT With 3 NT's on the roster plus the possibility that Hood could play there I would lean on the no side unless we don't sign Mcclendon.

    2. DE We are still waiting for Heyward to emerge as a solid DE to take the place of Keisel but so far he couldn't win out in competition for that spot. If we would somehow release Keisel then their could be a need at that position, but I think based on a solid year he had Keisel stays and DE isn't a priority.

    3. ILB Currently we are stable at ILB with Foote provided they sign him to a contract, I'm thinking they get a deal done and he stays. With the uncertainty with spence, and Sylvester the Steelers will use a pick on ILB but I don't believe in round one.

    4. OLB This position seems to be a favorite among Steeler fans, especially if James Harrison can't be signed. We have Worlids to take over but is he good enough to be an all around OLB? From what I seen his strong point is rushing the passer which we do need, but he lacks in run stopping and dropping into pass coverage. Losing Harrison would probably make OLB a strong possibility in round one.

    5. CB What happens here depends on if we sign Lewis. If we can't sign Lewis we would still be ok with Cortez and Taylor but would need a replacement for Ike in the near future. CB suddenly moves up with OLB if we fail to sign Lewis.

    6. Safety We don't need a safety now, but this position is another strong possibility considering the age of Clark and Polamalu, this draft seems to have good talent at that position even in the later rounds so I would
    say we will pick Safety just not in round one.

    7. TE Personally I wouldn't have a problem at all picking a TE in round one IF we can get one of the best in the draft, we need all the help we can get on offense so I think this position could be a possibility round one. Heath is doing rehab, and we don't know how long it will take for him to recover plus his age. I might go out on a limb and say TE is a strong possibility in round one.

    8. WR Again, we need help on the offense and with Wallace leaving we'll need another strong receiver to replace him. I think we'll be fine with Sanders and Brown but still need that third threat that could stretch the field and even compete for a two spot. As much as we need one I think we can get a solid WR after the first round.

    9.RB We certainly need a RB, but is there a RB that is worthy of a first round pick? I would say no. Lacy seems to jump out but there are other backs that could be just as productive. Remember Lacy played on a team with maybe the best O-line in the counrty and as we seen the best team.

    10. O-line As we discussed here most likely the Steeler won't pick O-line round one, but it sure would be tempting if Warmack was there when we pick. He is considered the best guard in the draft, but some say the BPA in the entire draft thats how good he is. A projected starter day one on any team that drafts him. I would love to have him but I think the Steelers pick another position in round one.

    11. QB With Lefty leaving we'll need another QB. This draft isn't very good with QB's, most of them are backup's and thats all we need but a big no to QB in round one.

    In conclusion, I'm going to guess we take either OLB or TE in round one, but leaning more to OLB. Now if we lose Lewis I bring CB up there too.
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