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Thread: Ike vs Lewis

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigRob View Post
    This is interesting. Where did you learn this fact? I like Cyprien, but I'm not ruling out Vaccaro at 17 if he is available. Vaccaro would probably have a good chance to start game 1 at SS if Clark is cut.
    Vaccaro's combine will create some buzz for him. Has a little playmaking ability in him. What I did see alot of is missed tackles and poor effort or inabilty to get off blocks in space to make a tackle. I personally only think he is a FS and wouldn't take him at #17. The Steelers were one of many teams that met with Cyprien at Senior Bowl. See if the buzz continues at the combine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JUST-PLAIN-NASTY View Post
    I will assume most of your comments are based on you not having the resources to view contracts & cap hits. The suggestions I made gives the Steelers enough room under rule 51. That means they will be cap compliant, have enough cap room to tender RFA, and money for their draft pool. That also gives them some room for Lewis & URFA. I mentioned the "year 1" of Lewis's deal being cap friendly which will be what is done until additonal vet salaries & dead money will be purged in 2013. Browns 6/43 mil was a cap hit of 2.2 mil for 2014. Even CB Carr's 5/50 had a year 1 cap hit of 3.2 mil. Possibly now you see why it is a deal that can get done. Getting Lewis in under the cap in 2013 is not difficult.

    Just to Add to Brown's contract. People keep suggesting restructuring Brown. Browns 6.2 mil for 2013 only has a 2 mil base. That isn't alot to work with.

    Cutting Clark frees up 3.5 mil. Cuting Keisel frees up 2.8. Both in last year of deal. I don't understand why you don't see the math. If you have to cut either of them in addition to everything else to retain Lewis...Do it. Both were very productive in 2012. Heyward is behind Keisel. Nobody of signficance behind Clark. If Clark is cut..I have the feeling that the Steelers will move Troy to FS and draft a SS early. Troy being around the LOS at this point in his career might not be "fruitful". Draft Cyprien...Who they are high on....Move Troy to FS and let him use his instincts & play CF.

    The talk of Harrison is garble. We will see what happens in March. Harrison's agent said he won't take a pay cut. Whatever you think they can restructure will be dead money created in 2014. His 10 mil cap hit in 2013 has 4.4 mil of bonus & his min. That is the cheapest Harrison can play for. That would create almost 7 mil of dead money in 2014 if you release him or have him play a 14.5 mil contract. Which will be funny on this board because people will want him to play at that because he played 12 games and got 60+ tackles & 5 sacks in 2013 with 2 sacks in the final game. But that would be a bargain because #92 was on the field at the expense of retaining Lewis. Only cost Rooney a top young corner and 7 mil out of his pocket for Harrison's services in 2013. That isn't a smart business decision.

    Miller had one of his best years in 2012. He may start on the PUP and not be himself until 2014...But guess what? You still have to pay him his 7.9 mil. So you add a year in 2015 and spread the hit & hope for the best. His injury is bad timing.

    Don't have a choice with Woodley. He is scheduled to make 13.2 mil this year after a terrible 2012. You restructure him and he goes on notice. He better have a highly productive 2013. You have to hope it will motivate him to return to form. Even with the restructure his cap hits through 2016 would be in line if productive. If he has another done year...The Steelers are in trouble with his contact with or without the restructure. Getting the relief in 2013 with the cap situation is the focus. His age & early contract term makes him a candidate.

    BB's status is perfect. 11.6 of his 19.5 is base. His averages right now are 19.5, 14.8, & 14.3. You convert his base and add a year. His averages can be in the 18-19 mil his last three & right in line. He will be 34 if you add a year.

    That all being said, retaining Lewis is the target. Easily done in the 7-8 mil avg range. A 2013 hit for Lewis can be structured in the 2-4 mil range. If cutting Harrison, Keisel or Clark, & Colon has to be done to get it done I'm all for it..But I do think they still will be able to hang on to Kiesel & Clark for 2013.

    Cutting Harrison & Colon this year creates space now but the thing many aren't considering is absorbing the dead money in 2013 before the 2014 cap. Cutting Harrison & Colon this year and taking the hit essentially clears 11.5 mil next year under the cap. So with that in mind and Clark & Keisel contracts expiring after 2013...You are already looking at 20 mil available in 2014 for contract escalations & the many young RFA who will be ready for new contracts. Add in possible Taylor & Polamalu cuts in 2014 (Another 14-15 mil savings)...Purge almost complete. Have to flip the cap over the next two years to the youth and stay competitive. That is the "business" side of the equation.

    Got to give you credit JPN, that's a great analysis.
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