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All you see are sacks dude.
Greene was a ONE TRICK PONY. Great at it but sacks but nothing else. He is closer to Gildon than anyone discussed here.
You are right he was consistent for a long period with gaudy career sack numbers.

Greene was not the best LBer ON HIS Steeler TEAM much less of all time. GLloyd by a long shot. DL said it in his interview and he know better than you or I.

Harrison COMBINED Greenes sack ability with Lloyds run game dominance.
Double digit sacks and triple digit tackles routinely.

Look it up OV, NOBODY does that period- league-wide.

Pass rush like Greene, run D like Glloyd or Ham. Makes the biggest defensive play in team SB history IN COVERAGE. Harrison can dominate a game in all phases, all over the place. Kevin Greene could never do that.

I'll give Greene props on longevity, Harrison started late and is breaking down.

But at their peak?

Harrison was the best defender in THIS LEAGUE.
As a Steeler, Greene was never the best defender on his team.