I know Ike T talks about his swaggin. But guys like Farrior and Ward had real swagger on the field. And it was infectious.

Nothing got this team going like Hines taking a shot and popping up with a huge smile. And coming back at a guy to lay him out before he took another shot.

Or James barking on the field and getting everyone livened up. And seeing one of the lightest guys on the field hitting like a ton of bricks was uplifting.

This team has a lot of talented players in Ben, Heath, Troy, James, Timmy. But these guys are quiet, introverted, and just don't have a leadership gene in them. They each bring something to the table and in many ways are some of the most impressive players at their positions in the league. But I just don't see these guys lifting the play of those around them.

Quite possibly the only guys we have with any semblance of leadership are Larry Foote, Willie Colon, and Ryan Clark. One's a small, weak, and slow MLB, the other can't get through a season healthy, and the latter is a FS that can't play the ball in the air.

Maybe it's a question of guys giving everything they've got. And by everything I mean physically, mentally, and emotionally.

This team has talent, but it's missing swagger. I hope Tomlin/Colbert figure this out and draft a little swagger come April.