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"Money issue?" Really Larry? How many teams do you think will be knocking down the door to sign you. Didn't you learn your lesson once already going to Detroit? I really hope the FO isn't wasting more than about a minute dealing with any "demands" Laryy has. Should be as simple as here it is, yes or no! If no, then move on.
Ovi, I didn't take it as Foote making demands. It read more like there had been some talks, and he wasn't quite sure what was going on. The quote (which I didn't provide before) was "[the Steelers] and my agent have been talking back and forth. I guess it's a money thing right now."

That could mean anything. A cap issue, the agent is trying to get a better deal (as he should), etc. This wasn't Foote coming out and demanding a huge payday.

I agree, if he has crazy demands, they should let him test the market. I think Foote has value, but not much more than the vet minimum, if any.