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Look at T'eo two years ago. They used him differently. He was attacking and coming forward. This year they had him drop in coverage more and he had 7 INT's but two years ago he had 13.5 tackles for loss. Think about that. He is lined up inside 7 yards off the line of scrimmage and he is getting 13.5 tackles for loss? That shows you he plays faster than he times and it shows football quickness. Same with Kevin Minter who had a eye popping 15 tackles for loss this past year. Instincts and quickness are far more important than front line speed for an ILB.
I agree both of these guys will make it in the NFL and be good players. I'm just not convinced they're clears first round picks.

Both guys make plays on the field. No argument there. And the stats you point out support that. I'd be a lot more interested in both guys if we were talking about them as 2nd/3rd rounders.