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Thread: Robinson: Manti Teo, Steelers could be perfect couple

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dee Dub View Post
    Look at T'eo two years ago. They used him differently. He was attacking and coming forward. This year they had him drop in coverage more and he had 7 INT's but two years ago he had 13.5 tackles for loss. Think about that. He is lined up inside 7 yards off the line of scrimmage and he is getting 13.5 tackles for loss? That shows you he plays faster than he times and it shows football quickness. Same with Kevin Minter who had a eye popping 15 tackles for loss this past year. Instincts and quickness are far more important than front line speed for an ILB.
    I agree both of these guys will make it in the NFL and be good players. I'm just not convinced they're clears first round picks.

    Both guys make plays on the field. No argument there. And the stats you point out support that. I'd be a lot more interested in both guys if we were talking about them as 2nd/3rd rounders.

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    Slow... small and shorter than ND listed him. He isnt first round and damn sure isnt pro bowl caliber.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pfelix73 View Post
    Ray Graham looks like a heck of a RB. And being he is already in Pittsburgh, they can looky looky all they want without any visits, etc..... This guy looks impressive in this ND game. Looks like he had a bad 40 time at the Combine. Maybe in the 6th round...
    Graham to Steelers: 'Come and Get Me'

    Ray Graham on the loose (DiNovo/USA TODAY Sports)

    By Jim Wexell
    Posted Feb 23, 2013

    INDIANAPOLIS Ray Graham used to walk past the Steelers practice field, on his way to the Pitt practice field, and hed sneak a peek or three.

    Ray, get your nose on your own practice field! Steelers coach Mike Tomlin would holler, and then in all seriousness Tomlin would add: Youre not on this team!

    Tomlin would turn back to the reporters standing next to him along the Steelers sideline and chuckle.

    The guys who keep looking over here, who think they belong over here, those are the guys who do belong, Tomlin said. Shady was the same way. One time I walked in the training room and he was in the whirlpool with Willie Parker. I said, Shady, get outta here.

    LeSean Shady McCoy would look good in a Steelers uniform about now.

    Hey, so would Dion Lewis.

    LaRod Stephens-Howling anyone?

    Yes, the Steelers, with three free agents and without a jettisoned Chris Rainey, are in a bind at running back. They could use any of the aforementioned Pitt men.

    How about it, Ray?

    Itd be great, said Graham. Ive been there and seen a lot of practices, so I felt like Ive been a part of it already. I already visioned it.

    Graham was specific with his wording. He didnt mean EN-vision. His emphasis was more akin to tunnel-vision.

    Im always talking about vision, Graham said. Thats always the thing in the Bible. Youre supposed to have vision, vision that you put into reality. Thats why you dream big, man. I just think that, so, yeah, I believe it.

    I was on his field, Graham continued. I practiced on his field. So one day when Im on his field again itll be second nature to me.

    So, Graham remembers Tomlins teasing?

    Oh, yeah, Graham said with a chuckle. He was always bothering me. Coach Mike, man, hes a great guy. I get a kick out of Coach Mike. Hes a good dude. He knows how to turn it on. He knows how to motivate you.

    Graham has never been the type to need motivation. The half-brother of Rutgers linebacker prospect Khaseem Graham and son of former Purdue running back Raymond Graham loves the game, says its where I can be free. He even gives his moves names.

    I name them as I go, Graham said. I dont really have a favorite move; I just like my chances one-on-one. I just think Im going to get the best of you.

    Graham hopes to follow McCoy, Stephens-Howling and Lewis into the NFL, and succeed, as they are.

    Graham, at 5-9, 199, fits right in with the group, size-wise, and statistically he finished ahead of all of them. Grahams 3,271 rushing yards and 4,943 all-purpose yards both rank second in school history behind Tony Dorsett.

    Graham showed up at the NFL Combine about 10 pounds over his playing weight last season, but just above the 197 he was playing at as a junior when he tore his right ACL eight weeks into the season.

    He returned last year to rush for 1,042 yards, but a hamstring injury took him out of the Compass Bowl. Graham returned to play in the East-West Shrine Game, but fumbled on his first carry.

    Yeah, that killed me, he said here Friday. I felt bad, too, man, but you move on. Thats the only thing.

    Ball security isnt an issue in scouts minds. They watched him closely the last four seasons. They saw him run inside with power, outside with speed, catch (98 receptions for 799 yards), and return kickoffs (38 at 22.1 avg.). They want to see something else this weekend.

    I know a lot of people doubt me, Graham said. They dont know that Im back yet. But I just want to let everybody know that Im here to do everything, and Im healthy, Im feeling good, and Im back.

    The Steelers already know plenty about Graham and havent talked to him here. He said he was getting an MRI during the bulk of his meeting night.

    What about the MRI results?

    The MRI was good. I came in today and they said the knees looking good, said the player who wants to be like Marshall Faulk more than anyone else.

    But if McCoy (2nd round), Lewis (5th) and Stephens-Howling (7th) are the gauges, Graham can figure to be drafted anywhere from the third through fifth rounds.

    Does he realize the Steelers are looking for a running back?

    Oh, yeah, definitely, Graham said. Come and get me.


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    How did Ray Graham run a 4.8? Something's amiss with the RB combine 40 numbers- way too many 'slow' RB's that are meant to be quick RB's..
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    Quote Originally Posted by lloydroid View Post
    T'eo will be a starting ILB in the NFL, but only an average one. He isn't going to be an impact player. A few years from now, we will barely realize he is still in the league. He will probably be like a Rey Maualuga or so. Nothing special. Not worthy of a 17th pick over all. We need a pro bowl level player at that pick.
    This is the kind of crap that I am tired of reading from you. In the future, how about if you put in there that this is your opinion, etc. Just how the F@#k do you know that he will not be a very good LB? The draft is a freaking CRAP SHOOT. None of us know who will be an all pro, etc.
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