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Did you ever stop to think that maybe he wasn't after the "best Midwestern co-ed 'tang?" Maybe "she" was someone he connected with, had cultural familiarity with and was safer than the girls around him?

To me, the tape from the Alabama game might be more troublesome than this episode.
The Alabama game is a concern... the story has died down a bit but it will gain traction once the combine hits. I would be a little concerned with the blowback if we drafted him and he struggled. It would be a circus of epic proportions if he doesnt pan out.

I definitely thought he was in on it but after seeing Ronaih give his interview.... nah. The only thing I think Te'o is guilty of is embellishing how great their love was once the story kept getting rehashed. I dont think the risk is worth the reward and he is going to have the Tebow type media where everything but his game on the field is the focal point.