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Thread: WOW - Woodley ripped by unnamed Steeler

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    Instead of worrying about a fellow player "betraying" him perhaps he should take the comments to heart and do something about it. He has been plain awful after he got his big contract.
    I'm shocked - shocked - that neither the anonymous source nor anybody else was able to trace Woodley's hamstring injuries to the real root cause that you identified - the 3-4 defense. I'm sure that article will follow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz View Post
    I agree.... and who knows, the player may have also said it to his face. Its not like the player is dropping an atom bomb... its no secret Woodley looked out of shape this year.
    Didn't Keith Butler say something similar in the recent article where Tom Shaw was saying he could fix Woodley? Wonder if Woodley accepted Shaw's invite.

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    I doubt that it was Clark. If Clark said it he would have attached his name to it.

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    Do you hurt your hamstring from being out of shape ? Is that the cause of hamstring injuries ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Pittsburgh View Post
    Didn't Keith Butler say something similar in the recent article where Tom Shaw was saying he could fix Woodley? Wonder if Woodley accepted Shaw's invite.
    No, Woodley said he didn't need to train with Shaw.

    As to the "unnamed source," how do we know that he didn't confront Woodley to his face? How do we know that he didn't let Woodley know he would go talk to the media? What he said was nothing that wasn't obvious, a problem that Coach Butler had already addressed in the media. Besides, how is it worse than Woodley telling the media and his teammates that he was working out, when he obviously wasn't doing much of that?

    If it didn't bring such a prohibitive cap hit, maybe Woodley is the one who ought to be cut.

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    Quote Originally Posted by papillon View Post
    I'm of this mindset as well, if the player had issue with Woodley he should have addressed in the locker room face-to-face, not in the press as an anonymous source. This will accomplish nothing except having every player wondering who isn't really on board as being a teammate.

    I don't see any scenario where something positive comes of this. Woodley isn't happy, other players are wondering who the snitch is and the Steeler management probably want to know as well.

    Maybe he did address it in the locker room and to no avail. This would be a logical next step in applying some motivation, public admonishment.

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    Yep... not sure how the guy who points out the obvious is the bad guy. Seems like the 2nd highest paid LB next year who looked like. booty is tye real culprit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz View Post
    Cut the player who said water is wet and the sky is blue?

    The point being, what part of what this guy suppoedly said, ISN'T true??? It's not like they said he was homosexual, or an a whole, or anything scandalous. All (the unnamed guy) said was what anyone with two eyes who has been watching the Steelers for the last few years, was saying.

    Woodley took the money and ran (figuratively). He basically jipped the franchise and us fans out of two prime years of his production--production BTW, that he'll NEVER achieve again. (So few of these guys realize how precious these early years in a career are.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chadman View Post
    Chadman understands that aspect- the point is, if a player is willing to rip into one of his own team mates through the media- he should be man enough to tell the reporter to put his name to it.
    +1 Really, the player should be man enough to say it to Woodley's face. It's gutless to say it anonymously through the newspaper.

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    Agree, it could be a detriment to team cohesion that a player airs it out in the media. Team cohesion seems to have been weakened this past season. I do not see Woodley as a victim of anybody other than himself. His training seems to be less than acceptable, by his choice.


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