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that subject line is SO misleading.. it's like posting, "TRACY PORTER SIGNS WTH STEELERS" then clicking inside and find it's someone's hope... LAME. Just saying.
I explained that it looks promising because Keenan stated he wasn't greedy, likes it here, has a good rapport with Carnell lake. I also stated I have a gut feeling he would be signed, he's young, the Steelers put the time in to develope him, making him a good asset to the team.
That said, there is no guarantee no matter how promising it looks.
I would think the Steelers would have a contingency plan in place, whether we sign him or not.

I'm thinking if we sign him, the Steelers may attempt to either trade Ike Taylor to get an extra draft pick, or release him to save some money.
If we don't sign him we pick a CB in round one to groom for Taylor's replacement which could be the near future. You can't have enough of good corners in this pass happy league so either way CB was my choice in round one.

Sorry about the post, never intended to mislead anyone, if it came across that way my apologies.