I'm not privy to any inside info on this matter, but I have a gut feeling a deal will be done to keep Lewis here for the next five years.
The Steelers invested a good deal of time developing Lewis to one of the best in the game, I doubt they would squander that investment by letting him walk and will offer him a reasonable contract.
He likes it here, and gets along well with Carnell Lake who had a pivitol role in the developement of Keenan. He knows the LeBeau defense and might feel more comfortable staying here even if its a little less money on the table.

With Keenan and Cortez we have a formidable set of young corners, getting a good safety in the draft could solidify our secondary and help our defense remain strong.
I may have to change my pre-draft selection@ #1, and I wouldn't mind at all if Keenan wears the Black & Gold for 2013.