The Steelers in my opinion need to go back to a heavy rebuilding phase. Cut the big dollar veterans and wait for a couple of nice star players once we have some cap space.


These guys give us some ease of mind on offense. I realize Heath Miller contributes but right now I'm talking about our future and players that will contribute and continue to tribute for our future. Our runningbacks,,,,, This might be an area that once the cap is reduced will have a star player plugged in.

I'm hoping defense gets a shot in the arm too because this side of the ball in my opinion is going to fall very hard and soon.
I'm banking on:

But all other positions and players are either too expensive to retain such as Lewis, not cutting it such as Hood, Woodley, haven't proved themself such as many of them or too old to rely upon for the future such as Kiesel, Troy, Clark, Taylor, Allen, Hampton.

This team does need to do a total revamp and most of it needs completed on the defensive side of the ball.

Our satus as a number one defense does not impress me. Stats don't win games, players stepping up at the right time wins games. Obviously you can have the great stats and the players that gets you the sacks, turneovers and all that and we did back in the day but, those days are gone and those players are gone.

I have no problem taking a couple of hits with few wins in a season for a couple of seasons if, it means we are rebuilding, grooming and getting higher draft picks.