Colbert's remarks after the season ended gave an indication we may lose a substancial amount of players this coming season due to the cap issues.
Are we assuming too much by what he said back then? Now that the dust is starting to settle Mr. Colbert might be singing a different tune knowing if they cut too many we could wind up even with a worse record.

We are led to believe the cap issues are so dire they can't be fixed without eliminating more players than they want to.
There will be cuts, but I'm not sure they will be the magnitude of what we are expecting, with Omar Khan working contracts it may turn out completely different when all is said and done.

He stated we better have players in place for the ones that will be released, but do we? When Troy and Harrison were out, there was a big drop off in play, not until they came back did we see the defense pick it up and our secondary played better too with them back.

I'm thinking Omar Khan might have to do his best work ever this off season, give him a pen and some numbers and I trust it won't be as bad as projected when this thing is settled.