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Thread: Chance Warmack likely to be there @ 17 when we pick

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    If the Steelers lose Keenan Lewis, they'll need a CB to take Taylor's spot next season...
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    Warmack will be a top 10 pick.....lock it up
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    as he should be, Warmack is absolutely dominant!

    the only thing working against him is that he plays OG...

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawaiiansteel View Post
    as he should be, Warmack is absolutely dominant!

    the only thing working against him is that he plays OG...
    Personally I would have a hard time passing him up if he was available when we pick. He could start day one on the Steelers offensive line and we would have Beachum to back him up and DeCastro as well. I hear Beachum could even back up the tackle position in a pinch.
    Lets put it this way, if Warmack was there when we pick he most likely would be the BPA and immediate help to our team.

    Heck, with Warmack there you could move the chains@ RB Hawaiian

    Btw, here is a quote from Jerry Dulac's article today.

    What's more, the Steelers cannot afford to use their No. 1 draft pick on a player who will be groomed to play in another year or two. That's a luxury they can afford after a Super Bowl season when not many roster openings are available. Not now. Enter Warmack

    With 17 unrestricted free agents, they need players to come in and play immediately, especially the one who will be the 17th overall pick.

    Read more: [url][/url]
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    NFL Network's Mike Mayock thinks Alabama offensive guard Chance Warmack is the No. 1 player in the 2013 NFL Draft.
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    Because of his position, Alabama offensive guard Chance Warmack has been a bit overlooked when it comes to potential top-five picks in the 2013 NFL Draft. The general consensus is that there's no way a guard would be drafted so early on, meaning it's probably unlikely that he will even be in the mix for the Detroit Lions' No. 5 overall pick.
    Position aside, let's consider where Warmack stacks up just based on overall talent. NFL Network's Mike Mayock recently addressed this very topic on the Rich Eisen Podcast, and he actually thinks that Warmack is the best player in this year's draft. From Rotoworld:
    "The best player I've seen on tape is the guard from Alabama, Chance Warmack," said Mayock. "Now he's not going No. 1, but he's the best football player (in the draft)." Mayock expects the 2013 draft to be heavy on offensive and defensive linemen in the first round, because they are the strength of the draft.
    The Lions have a need at offensive guard with Stephen Peterman being released, but Warmack probably isn't a realistic possibility for them unless they trade down. I honestly wouldn't be totally opposed to the Lions taking Warmack at No. 5 considering how much he could potentially upgrade their offensive line. However, the thinking is that the Lions will want to address a bigger need like defensive end or go with a more impact position like offensive tackle if they stay at No. 5 overall.[/SIZE]

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    Ideally (at least in my mind), Warmack is there at 1.17 and a team behind us would really like to draft Warmack and is willing to move up to do so. The Steelers could move back a few spots, get an extra pick in the 2nd or 3rd and still get one of the players that Mayock says are all similar in NFL ability (1.11 thru 1.25).

    The Steelers should be able to put together a good NFL caliber line with 2-first round picks, 2-second round picks and a serviceable NFL lineman (I would bet that no NFL team has 3-first round picks and 2-second round picks in their starting OL).

    Wide receiver seems to be the one position that the Steelers do not place as high a premium on as other teams. Wallace will be the third #1 WR to leave the Steelers in the past 12 years, Burress, Holmes and Wallace. I agree WRs can be found throughout the draft simply because the league needs more of them now, so colleges are developing WRs at a high rate. At some point though, you need consistency in the position for your quarterback to be able to rely on a player.


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    I just saw him run the 40 and wasn't really that impressed....not only from his run, but he had a substantial gut (i.e. he didn't look athletic). I defer to draft gurus but....
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    40's and OLmen don't concern me all that much, but these shuttle runs do. Esp. with the interior linemen... Warmack still doesn't look great in these drills as of now... There are other OG's that we can get in the later rounds....Dude from JMU ain't bad.

    When I watched Warmack in games (only a few), he was menacing with those he'd hit, even the LB's but, I'm concerned how well he'll do on the faster NFL level... He looked slow at times in games.. Don't know if I ever saw him pull t all. If he were there at 17.... I'd consider trading the pick and moving down to get extra picks. Jus like apy was saying, someone will want to move up. Get a OG later in the draft....I think we could find a more athletic, quicker OG in round 3 or 4. Seems to be a deep position this year. Just my 2 cents.
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    what are the odds that one of Warmack of Jarvis Jones gets to #17?

    I don't think you can go wrong taking either one, and both have a reason to slide that far...Warmack's position and Jones's medical history

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeetJoeGreene View Post
    I just saw him run the 40 and wasn't really that impressed....not only from his run, but he had a substantial gut (i.e. he didn't look athletic). I defer to draft gurus but....
    Are you kidding me? The 40 means nothing for a player like him. When is he going to run 40 yards on a football field? He is the most dominate player in this entire draft. He got to the second level and blew defenders out of position all year long. This is a future hall of famer.
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