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Not that Warmack won't be a great OG in the NFL, and not even a matter that he would be a big upgrade to our team....but I'm leaning toward them NOT drafting another OL in the first round. I think FS, SS, OLB have to be our biggest needs with WR, TE, RB in the second, but not distant, tier. Most people would list ILB as a giant need but we do have a stud in Timmons in there and its not like Larry Foote is some stellar ILB, but he hasn't hurt the team at all.

Could a Kion Wilson or Brian Rolle play the ILB spot beside Timmons if there are better prospects at other positions?
I haven't seen Wilson or Rolle play to make any judgement, Larry Foote played decent last season led the team in tackles with 4 sacks which is pretty good for a Steeler ILB. He could be an asset while spence developes or if they think the two above can take his place go for it.
As for Warmack, I seen him play. He's a dominate guard and IMO could start day one for the Steelers, how many draft picks could start for us?
I doubt they would pick O-line in round one too, but he would be tempting considering he could provide immediate help for a sputtering offense.