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1. No one knew if JH would be a dominate player before he got his starts.

2. In his limited play before he became a starter he played well.

4. Forget the money for a moment and ask yourself who you would rather have playing OLB if the money wasn't a factor?
You can't forget the money. The money is the reason you have to cut players period.

Harrison had less starting snaps than Worilds did before becoming the starting OLB in 2007. James had very limited playing time period in his years here before that time.

He was less of a sure thing in 2007 than anyone wants to remember. The people who liked him had zero body of work to predict his success.

People forget the outrage that took place in 2007 when Joey Porter was let go at an age 4 years younger than Harrison. Porter was playing at a pretty high level at the time.