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A team with cap space and a need for a top 5 ROLB in a 34 defense and is willing to take a one year risk that's the team that will sign him. He'd be worth 3 million for a year plus a bonus. He played 13 games and stays in shape, he went into the off season healthy. I believe he'll get through a 16 game season without major injury and some team will be getting some real attitude to their defense.

The Browns have an insane amount of cap space, among other teams. The Eagles have a ton of cap space and could use some nasty. There are plenty of teams that could give James 5 or even 6 million for a year or two.

I'm one of those who thinks the Steelers defense will be a lot worse without James Harrison. Worilds is touted as a replacement, but he gets banged up all the time. Staying healthy is a skill, and one that he does not seem to have.

If there was a way to restructure Harrison, I'd love to see it happen. Perhaps a pay cut this year in exchange for guaranteeing his salary and then adding on a third year to spread the hit of his restructured bonus, something along those lines.

After Harrison was not restructured last year, I feared that it was a precursor to his release this offseason (as there is less dead money). I fear that that is the most likely result, but I'm still holding out some optimism.