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    The case FOR Harrison

    Do you who say JHs play has declined wacth his play at seasons end? Dude was a beast.

    He is STILL our best OLBer, and only Timmons can compare to a 35 year old Harrison among ALL our LBers.

    When JH was out our defense was absolutely pathetic. With JH back we climbed back to number one.

    He had a sack in 5 of the last seven games, with two strip fumbles created. He had 11 tackles in the last game of the season.

    Woodley by comparison had around HALF the tackles that Harrison had.

    Harrison bested Woodleys CAREER HIGH for tackles in a season where he missed September and came back slowly in October.

    Aging Harrison had more total tackles (70) than ANY probowl OLBer in a season when he MISSED A MONTH.

    Clay Matthews, a probowler in his prime in full health had 43 tackles compared to Harrisons 70.

    Aging injured JH is STILL the best run stopping 3/4 OLBER in this league bar none, and he closed the season with a sack in 5 of 7 games an elite pass rush level by any standard.

    You think we got guys on the bench who can replace that when PROWBOWLERS cant do what an aging JH does routinely.

    At seasons end JH was ALL THE WAY BACK to form, on par with ANY OLBer

    His PLAY is not suspect at all.

    Recurring Injury is the only concern.

    If his old injuries test as sound I say pay the man.

    If you are in full rebuild mold let him go. We are going nowhere w/o him next year.

    This defense is nothing w/o him, the facts show it.
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