I read some really good mocks here by some of you guys but wanted to know if mine is up to standard to the great ones here.
I selected my positions based on availability when we pick and players I think we need.

Notice my #1 pick is a CB, where I haven't seen one picked yet reading the Mocks. My reasoning is I don't know if we will sign Lewis and if we do, the possibility of trading Ike Taylor for an extra pick. The other reason is we pick@ 17 which is the highest we picked in years, good Corners are usually tough to get in the later rounds so I thought this was our best oportunity to get one.

I addressed CB,SS,RB, WR, TE, OLB, ILB, plus we get a extra pick in round seven which I would use to select a QB.
I realize there are better prospects than in my mock, but again I used the availibilty thought to guide me, and believe it addresses our needs.

Feel free to comment, either positive or negative. I look forward to your responses as you guys seem to have a good handle on some good draft prospects.

My picks are below in my signature.