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This is, Chadman would assume, the general thinking of the average Steeler fan.

That's a lot of money, right? Yes- it is. If the Steelers offered Chadman $10m average for 5 years, he'd sign it on the spot- no questions asked.

But that's more than likely due to the fact that $10m average for 5 years is more than Chadman could possibly ever earn.

Not so for Mike Wallace. He obviously feels he can earn better elsewhere- and he's likely right.

Does this make him greedy? Ok- to the average 5 day a week employee, who sees $80k a year as a solid wage, sure- wanting more than $10m a year is greedy. Come live in the real world, right?

But that isn't a star NFL players 'real world'. Their real world is counted in millions, not thousands- and what seems astronomical to us, is 'normal' to them.

Put it this way- if Joe Shmo worked at Company A, and earned $70k a year, but he saw similar jobs in rival companies paying $90k a year- is Joe Shmo greedy to want his wage to go up to $90k? If he'd been employed by Company A as a kid out of school, but saw a higher paying job at Company B come up, should he feel that he can't chase the extra dollars at Company B, because of loyalty to his original employer?

If Chadman was Joe Shmo- he'd jump at Company B's money.

If Wallace feels he deserves more, then who can argue that? If he feels he's going to get more elsewhere than what the Steelers offered him, that doesn't make him 'greedy' any more than Joe Shmo is greedy. Could he live comfortably on $10m? Absolutely. But why should he settle for that if he can get more?
Now, it just remains to be seen if, based upon his last year-and-a-half, Wallace will be able to get more...