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Wallace wasn't going to make 10 million per year with the Steelers. Not sure why fans continue to insist the he was going to make 10 million per year??? NFL contracts are not guaranteed.

Sidney Rice - 18 mill guaranteed money.

Santonio Holmes - 24 mill in guaranteed money.

Vincent Jackson - 26 mill in guaranteede money.

Greg Jennings - 16.5 mill in guaranteed money.

Roddy White - 18.6 mill in guaranteed money.

Reggie Wayne - 12.5 guaranteed money

Andre Johnson - 48 mill guaranteed money

Miles Austin - 18 mill guaranteed money

Brandon Marshall - 25 mill guaranteed money

Calvin Johnson - 60 mill guaranteed money

Larry Fitz - 50 mill in guaranteed money

Guaranteed money offers more long term security then the overall value of a contract in the NFL. Basketball and baseball contracts are generally guaranteed. Wallace would had been a nut job to settle for a deal that only included 8.5 mill in guaranteed money based on what other WR's received.
still, the question remains, will he make enough more over what the steelers offered to make up for what he missed out on this past season... he didn't do himself any favors by holding out and having a bad year.