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I'm so amazingly tired of reading about the supposed "Tomlin Cronies". As several have pointed out in various threads if this is a problem then you better start marking up EVERY OTHER COACH IN THE NFL! I'm pretty sure Tomlin knows how to Coach, he did win one of the most coveted Jobs in the NFL and has done a pretty damn good job all things considered with quite a bit of on and off the field adversity. Let's wait and see how this guy pans out but he has a strong track record and all the Monday morning qb's on this site don't unless we're talking about a propensity to B*tch and moan like grade school kids.
Exactly. Tomlin is going with someone he knows and has seen operate first hand who has a solid resume. Maybe he should just advertise the job in the Post Gazette or take someone elese's opinion on a coach he knows nothing about. The cronyism comments is just plain stupid talk. Every coach in the league has other coaches he has relationship with and either gives them jobs on their staffs or gets them jobs. It is exactly the same way in college. It's all about networks and having a network of people you know and trust.