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Harrison isn't Harrison and never will be. He didn't do anything down the stretch that waWe hs Harrison'ish. The stat sheet doesn't reflect his play on the field. He has taken significant steps back and he will be another year older. Harrison is a "vet min" player at this point in his career. The only reason Steeler fans can't see it is they want to pay him for what he did in the past and not what he could do now.
Wow. Amazing take. What I saw was that the D began to play well about the time that Harrison rounded into form. The last quarter of the season, he was making plays. And a "vet min" player? You will soon see that NFL teams don't agree. Now, as to whether the Steelers should keep him, different story. We are in cap hell and face some tough decisions...and unless James is willing to play for a drastic pay reduction, I think we will (and should) cut him loose. We almost have to, in order to have any chance of building a competitive team going forward.