It's tough to say. On one hand if they release too many vets especially the ones who did contribute in a good way, some pain will be involved as younger talent lacks the experience. On the other hand the idea getting younger sooner is thought to be a better strategy for the future.

I tend to think we still need some veterans in the mix. We started our transistion last year releasing long time players like Farrior and Ward and this season there will be more. It is my contention we do it gradually, with the 2014 season being the last year of transition. You still need some stability that older good players provide and what it takes to build a champioship team. The other thing is what if the new guys don't pan out and you already released a vet who could of made a difference?

No doubt, we'll see some new faces but lets not blow up the team just to get younger. I'm sure the Steelers FO will make these tough decisions keeping in mind you still need a core of vets to lead the team.