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Thread: Would You Widen Field?

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    No. Thanks for asking

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    Quote Originally Posted by supersteeler View Post
    When big bodies fly around there is bound to be injuries, this is football not golf.

    The problem in the past was coaches wanted to win so bad that a player was put right back in after a concussion. Now they are addressing it which is a good thing but don't go overboard with all the rules.

    I look at it this way, anyone who played the game knows the dangers up front, that's the drawback but these guys make more in one year than we make in a lifetime in some cases.
    The only merit I see in the lawsuits is when teams and their coaches knew a player had a concussion but kept him in the game, other
    than that, the players don't have much of an advantage....they signed up for this.

    Now that concussion talk is out in the open its a good thing especially for the kids. Football needs to be safe but still there is a limit on how safe you can make it or you might as well get the flags out for flag football.

    Police officers put their life in danger on any call they get, what are we going to do, sue the City everytime an officer is hurt or worse killed?
    They sign up for that job because they want to protect and serve the public, same with a football player they sign up cause they love the game and the money is fantastic. There are many jobs that could lead to injury or death, we try to make them safer but the danger is still there no matter waht you do.

    To make football really safe would require radical changes to the game, otherwise players are at risk, a risk they signed up for. I'm all for doing everything possible to make the game safer, but I'm not for WWF fake football and neither is the fans.

    The bigger problem is the college and high school kids that get hurt and never make the NFL. Sure the pros know what they're getting into. But do the kids really know any better? Society pushes them into this culture of violence. And making the NFL is less likely than winning the lottery with a lot of risk.

    Society usually wants to protect their children. Unfortunately we don't seem to care about football players.


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