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I'm not sure that we can write off the players who are waiting to step in. We don't know until they get a chance. People forget that in Porter's last year while Harrison got some spot playing time in 16 games he had "Zero" sacks and then in his first year as a starter he had 8.5. IMO Worilds is already further ahead in his development than Harrison was in the same situation. In spot playing time Worilds had 5 sacks in 2012. I think that everyone looks at 2008 and Harrison's 16 sacks and act like he's had that every year. He has had three consecutive years of 16, 10, and 10.5 sacks, but he has not hit double digits for two years now and has played a total of just 24 games in two years. Sorry, but that is player at the end of his career.
I'd go along with that except Harrison played 13 games this year, missed the first month and took the next 6 games to get back to being James. He didn't get hurt the rest of the year and as you know from watching him over the years he doesn't play at half speed ever. He was stout in the running game and getting pressure on the quarterback regardless of what the one media rag says. He never was real good in coverage in large spaces, but on a condensed field (red zone) he was good at reading the short passing game.

I admit, I love James Harrison's style and attitude and he's one of my favorites of all time. I also know that his time is over with the Steelers and it isn't because of his production. I fully believe that in 2013 and 2014 he will get double digit sacks, 4 or 5 FF, 70-80 tackles and its doubtful that he gets an INT in either season. I wish it was for the Steelers, but its highly unlikely. I'll miss James Harrison.