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But why is Brown "idolized" as you believe? Quite simply he has always come across as a team first player who made the long term commitment to the team when Wallace balked. That is a Wallace issue not Brown. Blame Wallace for his bumbling of the negotiations with the Steelers and overreaching on what he was asking for. Maybe Brown is just smarter with public relations, but I really think his psyche is less about a sense of entitlement that Wallace seems to have. Brown seems to more readily embrace how fortunate he is to be doing what he is doing for who he is doing it for. That resonates with people. Again, those are Wallace problems not Brown problems.

If you know anything about the city of Pittsburgh and Steelers fan it should be that at heart they are in spirit, whether or not in reality, very "blue collar" and that shapes their perceptions about their sports heroes. The appearance and the act of loyalty means alot which is why Mario Lemieux is worshipped and Barry Bonds, and Wallace to a far lesser extent, is despised.
you forgot Jagr