If Mike Wallace signed a contract today with the Steelers this board would explode with happy campers. We're looking at it from a different angle.
Mike is a talented receiver as all of our receivers are, we just had a down year but remember it wasn't just the receivers that underacheived.
We tend to put them in the forefront of why we finished a sub-par season, almost every player on that team contributed to that 8-8 record outside of a few. Heath Miller, Timmons, Clark, Pouncey, and our FB Will Johnson all had a good year where they were consistent, we needed the same consistency from the rest of the team.

When all the dust settles I believe we will be better than expected, and yes we can survive without Mike Wallace, but I believe we are a stronger unit with him. I look for Brown to make that leap from this disappointing season and play like he did prior to this latest season, if Sanders does the same we'll be fine. Add another receiver to the mix either Cotchery or draft pick along with a talented TE and we might exceed expectations.

We have a young offensive line now, sometimes a year makes a big difference, especially when Players like Adams, Beachum, and DeCastro had some playing time under their belt. When Adams was healthy we ran on that side and he was doing a great job in run blocking, one of the reasons Redman and Dwyer had back to back 100 yd. games until the injuries came.

Deep down I think some fans don't believe we'll be any better this coming season, especially losing players like Wallace, Mendy, Harrison to name a few, but that's on paper. I get the feeling the 2013 Steelers could wind up being the most focused team we had in awhile, they want to reverse the poor season and rebuild a championship team.
How good will we be? The truth is no one knows, but I'm looking forward to the draft, training camp, and a 2013 Steelers team that has a resolve to take that next step.