He's taking this off season serious and wants to better his game, looks like Hines Ward is rubbing off on Brown in what it takes to be a great player.
Brown looks to be the go to guy next season and it appears he wants to lead by example taking the extra steps to be the best he can be, which is the mindset all the players should emulate.

As we discuss the draft, players that may be leaving, the cap and all the other componets, it is clear to me our offense is the key for our team to get better. I often stated averaging 21 a game won't do it, we must find ways to score more points and once in the red zone look for TD's not settle for field goals. Beside a RB,WR, IMO we'll need another TE in our offense as we don't know how long it will take for Heath to get back to recovery. Beside that, grooming and even playing a TE as a rookie might be a good idea as we move forward.

Another area the Steelers might want to consider is using Will Johnson more in the passing game, I thought he played well when called on but utilizing him more could help us. Obviously we need a feature back that can move the chains but also one that can cut it outside not just between the tackles.

In my mind our O-line will be key for any success we have on offense, but it doesn't stop there the Steelers need to quit pussy-footin on the field and be aggressive in their approach on offense. With a good QB like Ben we shouldn't have to watch our team struggle to score points, the players and coaches need to get on board to remedy that issue.

When is the last time you seen the Steelers be a force on offense on a consistent basis? The idea of getting a lead and sitting on it isn't the way to go like we did in the past, be aggressive till the clock hits 0, again 21 gets you 8-8 records or worse if it wasn't for our defense.