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Getting an impact player in year 1 seems to be your primary criteria for your first round pick, but not mine.

Just look at the last two Troys that we drafted in the first round.

Troy #1 was an impact player in year 1 (61 catches for 714 yards and 5 TD's), while Troy #2 was not an impact player in year 1 (no starts, 30 tackles). Over the long haul, as we all know, one is viewed as a bust, while the other is viewed as a Hall of Famer.

My primary criteria for a 1st round pick is excellence over the long haul, regardless of whether or not the player makes an immediate impact. The biggest leap in a player's career should take place between his first and second season...whatever we get out of a guy during his rookie campaign is icing on the cake as far as I'm concerned.

By the way, this is not a knock on the Ertz pick whatsoever (in fact, he was in my first trade-down mock draft)...I like the idea of getting him in a trade down in the first or a trade up in the second, since I see Ertz and Eifert as borderline 1st/2nd round guys. I can't envision a scenario where a TE is the best player available at 17 if we stay there.

Obviously I'm not looking for a player to contribute in Year 1 and then vanish like Troy E. However, I don't accept the fact that a player needs to be invisible in Year 1 either as a trade off for future success. There is no way Troy P. shouldn't have played in year 1 except for the attitude of the Def Coord. Was there really a better DB on the team Troy P's rookie year?